Crown Forces target Derry Republicans – Saoradh Nuacht

The Crown Forces have intensified their campaign of harassment, intimidation and abuse towards Republicans in Derry City recently. Stop and search is used extensively to curtail activists and their loved ones, house raids have multiplied with many everyday items seized including family cars and kids Christmas presents. Reports of Crown Force assaults and attempts at recruitment have risen, as the British state attempts to counter the recent formation of Saoradh.

Saoradh will be protesting this draconian Crown Force campaign at Strand Road Barracks, 2pm, Saturday the 28th of January.


Derry Saoradh & The Draconian Crown Forces

Saoradh Nuacht – The British Crown Forces have intensified their campaign of harassment against Saoradh – Unfinished Revolution Activists in Derry City recently. #CrownForces #EndBritishRule

Posted by Saoradh – Unfinished Revolution on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crown Forces Protect Anti-Social Elements

In the midst of what has now become a sustained attack on the people of Gallaigh by anti-social elements, distraught residents contacted Saoradh and requested our assistance.

We mobilised in response to the urgency that was conveyed to us through the many complaints that were being made to our office by beleaguered residents.

Two of our activists went straight to Galliagh in order to view the situation and be advised on it by the people of the area who are enduring it. Within minutes of their arrival, 3 car loads of Crown Force/British Constabulary personnel entered the area.

They immediately turned their attention to our party’s activists and commenced carrying out a section 21 stop and search under Terror legislation.

Residents gathered and rounded on the PSNI demanding to know why they had been left bereft of any support from them during days and days of disorder wherein even fire crews had been attacked by anti-social elements when the same “Police” (sic) had no logistical difficulty in amassing 3 cars and a number of armed personnel to harass two people who not being engaged in anything unlawful were evidently there to assist the community and resolve a problem exacerbated by the Crown Forces for too long.

Saoradh wishes to thank the residents of Galliagh for standing by our activists. Let us assure you that the Republican movement in Derry will be standing by you all.

You are entitled to the same defence from anti-social thugs as you provided to our activists from the Crown Forces and Saoradh pledge that we will do all that we can to provide it.

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