Crown Forces Seize Saoradh Activists Following Press Conference – Saoradh Nuacht

Today Republicans in Derry bore the brunt of yet another day of heavy-handed abuse from British Crown Forces as Stormont’s military wing flexed their muscles.

It’s been exactly one week since proud and dedicated Republicans held a dignified commemoration to remember Ireland’s patriot dead.

Since that commemoration took place, Irish Republicans particularly those in Saoradh have been forced to endure multiple raids and arrests at the behest of Sinn Féin’s Kevin Campbell.

Today, Monday 9th April, Saoradh held a press conference at our national office, Junior McDaid House, to highlight the repressive and vindictive nature of the Crown Forces and the draconian bail conditions imposed by them.

Attending the press conference where those who have been lifted, interrogated, charged and released with heavily restrictive bail conditions imposed on them, along with other Saoradh activists and supporters. A number of activists were also missing from the conference having been lifted off the street while making their way to Junior McDaid House.

Once the press conference was finished, British stormtroopers swamped the surrounding area harassing Republicans and eventually lifting two of those who took part in the press conference and another well respected Republican.

To date, ten Saoradh members have been lifted and charged under British law for honouring our fallen heroes. Two of the activists lifted in today’s RUC operation will appear at Bishop Street courthouse tomorrow morning at 10 am. Saoradh asks that all Republicans attend in support of the two activists.

Being a Republican is not a crime. Remembering Ireland’s patriot dead is not a crime.  Irish Republicans will not be criminalised. The time is now, stand and be counted!

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