Crown Forces rampage and raid homes in Derry City – Saoradh Nuacht

A statement from Saoradh, following the recent mass raids and British. paramilitary occupation of Creggan

Derry Saoradh condemn last nights raids in Creggan which saw three family homes ransacked by the RUC/PSNI. Family cars were also seized and fathers removed from their homes and dragged off to Musgrave Interrogation Centre.

The raids lasted for over four hours and parts of Creggan seemed to be under seige as armed British police roamed the streets heavily armed, backed up by helicopter and drone.

As is always the case with these raids, nothing was found but mobile phones, tablets and other electronic items belonging to children were seized for ‘examination’.

On the eve of yet another British election we ask the question, where is the condemnation from those seeking election to the puppet parliament known as Stormont?

After an IRA attack last week on a member of the Crown Forces, local politicians were climbing over each other to condemn. Their silence last night and this morning after attacks within their own communities tells us all we need to know in regards to where their loyalties lie.

Derry Saoradh look forward to the release of these Republican activists to their families and call on the members of our community to continue to reject the RUC/PSNI. A vote for Stormont is a vote for British rule.

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  • Bobby h

    Hiding behind their salaries while our communities and our activists are harassed by a uniform force of British brutality helped by shame fein an their blind voters.

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