Crown Forces Raid Home of Saoradh Activist Fionnuala Perry – Saoradh Nuacht

Late last night Saoradh Béal Feirste member and former National Vice Chairperson Fionnuala Perry, pictured here with Billy McKee, returned to her Clonard home to find a Crown Force invasion of her property taking place.

Five jeeps full of armed and masked militiamen, accompanied by plainclothes operatives, ransacked the family home and seized a number of personal items belonging to Fionnuala and her family. The home invasion lasted a total of five and a half hours.

This latest act of Crown Force aggression comes just two days after a successful leaflet drop and positive engagement with Clonard residents by Saoradh members. It is surely no coincidence that this raid took place so soon after, in the hope of demonising a well respected veteran Republican from the area. In fact the opposite has been the case, with local residents offering support to the family today.

Regardless of State Forces attacks, in either the Six or Twenty Six Counties, Saoradh continues to grow and develop with a clear revolutionary endeavour. Such attacks, supported by Crown Force cheerleaders in areas such as Clonard, are futile and will continue to be resisted.

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