Crown Forces Appeal For Informers In East Tyrone – Saoradh Nuacht

Following weeks of Crown Force activity in the Benburb area of East Tyrone, The RUC/PSNI have delivered leaflets in the area asking the locals to inform on Irish Republicans in what Saoradh believe is a cynical attempt to recruit locals as informers.

A concerned Benburb resident handed the leaflet to Saoradh at Kevin Barry House in Dungannon. The leaflet focuses on military material recovered in recent Crown Force raids and searches in the village of Benburb and it encourages local people to telephone the RUC/PSNI with “information”.

Saoradh spokesperson, Adam Statham had this to say, ” Saoradh is very concerned about the distribution of this leaflet and views it as an attempt to trap people in the dangerous role of an informer. Once the first phone call is made the Crown Forces have you trapped and will continue to exert pressure to have you working long-term as a tout on your neighbours and in your community. We know from past cases that the pressure and fear this creates can destroy the individuals involved and destroy families. When individuals are uncovered either by their handlers or by the community they live in, they face a life of exile in another country constantly looking over their shoulder or if captured by the Irish Republican Army or another grouping they face death. We would call on the community in Benburb and East Tyrone to reject these cynical overtures and we would call on anyone who has been trapped by the Crown Forces in this way to go public, contact Saoradh or contact a human rights solicitor. Don’t suffer in silence reject the violent forces of British imperialism in Ireland”

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