Crown Force Criminality – Op Ed by Paddy Gallagher

As the news broke this evening that yet another member of the British war machine was arrested by their own, it came as no shock to Republicans or even to the general public.

The fact is though, this British screw was a woman and was arrested in connection with North Belfast UVF drug gangs.

Over the last number of weeks we have witnessed multiple cases whereby members of the Crown Forces have been caught in uncompromising situations.

A recent radio interview conducted by Stephen Nolan involved a high ranking member of the RUC speaking briefly about organised crime gangs, ironic don’t you think?

The general consensus amongst the Nationalist/Republican community is that the RUC/PSNI are one of the largest organised crime gangs operating on this island. They, along with their counterparts in the NIPS, British army and loyalist death squads continue to flood working class communities with drugs ranging from class A to prescription to legal highs.

They appear to be operating some sort of pyramid structure, whereby the preverbal faeces runs down and those at the bottom find themselves publicly shamed without any further repercussions.

Personally I have absolutely no sympathy for any member of the Crown Forces, regardless of gender, should any of their personal and/or criminal deviances become public knowledge.

Lets not forget these parasites constantly feed the Sunday rags with ludicrous articles and anti Republican tripe on a regular basis to distract from their dirty deeds, all without a care for the danger and personal distress caused to those affected and their families.

It was also exposed a short time ago that numerous serving RUC/PSNI personnel  in collusion with British military intelligence were operating Facebook and Twitter accounts to publicly release details of Republicans and their families including photos and details of arrests.

The days of British collusion haven’t gone away. They have merely adjusted their tactics to suit not only their hate filled bigotry but also to line their own pockets.

At that I feel I should end with the words of a song.. “there’s a Gaelic team in Garneville now, so please ignore our crimes. Frame the dissidents who won’t move with the times.”

The author Patrick Gallagher is a member of Saoradh’s National Executive based at Junior McDaid House in Derry.