Crown Force Child Abuse Continues Unabated in Derry – Eistigi Statement

Press Release 9.00pm 26/11/17

The picture is of a group of young Éistigi activists being harassed, by the British Crown Forces in Derry City.

Once more the Saoradh affiliated republican youth wing, Éistigi, are forced to highlight the proliferating, politically motivated state harassment of Republican activists.

Alarmingly it is the republican youth who are increasingly becoming the targets for the British occupation forces as last night a 15-year-old child was subjected to a draconian stop and search at the hands of Stormont’s military wing, The PSNI/RUC.

What is Disturbing is that these thugs are protected by their uniforms – had this been anyone else they would be labelled a child abuser. Our young people already face an uncertain future of social deprivation, economic uncertainty and a way of life that is determined by sectarian puppeteers at local government level.

Now the unashamedly ugly face of the British Crown Forces are part and parcel of daily life for all young Republicans while constitutional nationalists in Sinn Fein, and the SDLP, not only turn a blind eye but join the choir of calls for the targeting, harassment and intimidation of our youth, to be stepped up and intensified.

This was witnessed last week when former Republican Raymond McCartney of Sinn Fein goaded the Crown Forces into attacking Irish Republicans on the eve of the Saoradh Ard-Fheis.

The activism and the rapid development of our republican youth movement, Éistigi, is unnerving to the British establishment here in the occupied six counties.

Éistigi republican youth will continue our path to re-energise the revolutionary republican struggle as has been done in every page of our history. The British occupation forces attempt to deter republican youth from our goal is, and always will be, a futile campaign and will be met with the formidable defiance of youth.

The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. Do your worst, our revolution is in safe hands.



Éistigi Spokesperson

Jude Macrory

Saoradh Ard-Offig

Junior McDaid House Derry

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