Christine Connor Under Attack At Hydebank Gaol – Saoradh POW Dept

Saoradh wishes to highlight the recent threats against and attempted attacks on Republican prisoner Christine Connor.

Christine is already living in isolation and has been subjected to a steady increase in oppressive measures with worsening conditions. She now faces the threat of physical violence.

Christine has endured sustained verbal abuse, and this recently escalated into two attempted physical attacks. On the first occasion Christine was left trapped in an enclosed space by a screw who had abandoned his post when a male attacker attempted to reach her whilst shouting sectarian abuse. He managed to get past the useless security measures before being restrained by his own escort.

On the second occasion three would-be attackers overcame the measly security measures, with one of these attackers
armed with a sharp implement. When Christine made her way to safety she was greeted with hostility and ambivalence by the screw who was on duty. When Christine complained she was subsequently charged by Hydebank Gaol.

The Gaol has offered only a worthless apology, and it is clear that Hydebank is determined to see harm come to Christine. The treatment of Christine Connor is ample evidence of the depths of reactionary control and sectarian bigotry in the Six-County prison service.

Saoradh send our best wishes and solidarity to Christine, and her loved ones who are extremely concerned for her.

Saoradh Prisoner Department.

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