Caught on Camera – RUC Tear Down Saoradh Posters In Newry

The Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh has slammed the recent RUC/PSNI harassment of party activists in Newry over the weekend.

The latest incident occured on Saturday evening [Feb 23] as local Saoradh members erected posters as part of a local recruitment drive in the area.

Slamming the Crown Forces, Saoradh An Iúir chairperson Anthony Coyle said “On Saturday evening Saoradh An Iúir craobh members were busy erecting posters in Monaghan Street.

“Almost immediately the activists were confronted by the RUC militia. Our party members rightly ignored the attempted intimidation of these gun-toting thugs and continued with their activism.

“Not content with targeting the activists the RUC/PSNI then proceeded to tear down the posters and place them in the boot of their armoured car before driving off.

“On the other hand when it comes to the erection of Loyalist death squad flags and hate arches during the sectarian marching season, the same forces turn a blind eye stating “The removal of flags is not an issue for the PSNI”. Yet here they are ripping down a recruitment poster belonging to a legitimate political party.

“Serious questions need to be asked. Is the erection of posters a “policing matter”? What prompted the RUC/PSNI to pull down posters and drive off with them?.

“Over the coming days and weeks non-republican political parties will be distributing election leaflets and posters. They will do so unhindered and you can be guaranteed they won’t be targeted in this manner.”

The community worker continued “Despite the petty harassment of local Saoradh acivtists, engaging in one of the most basic forms of grassroots political activity, we weren’t deterred and continued to spread the revolutionary message throughout the centre of Newry over the weekend.

“Thousands more leaflets & posters are due to be distributed throughout working class areas of Newry as we continue with our local recruitment drive.

“For the British State Forces to deploy such petty tactics proves that they fear the growth of revolutionary republicanism in Newry and beyond. This incident is seen as an attempt to quell any type of dissent. We will continue with our recruitment drive and no amount of RUC harassment will deter us from our path of struggle.”

In conclusion Anthony said “We are growing, we are building and we are here to stay.”