“Capitulated, Surrendered and Rolled Over”- Saoradh Nuacht Opinion Piece

This opinion piece has been penned by Saoradh National Executive Member and Junior McDaid House representative Joe Barr.

So Sinn Fein are shocked and horrified that a British Prime Minister, a Tory British Prime Minister is planning to bring in legislation that will prevent British soldiers who murdered and maimed Irish citizens from ever facing prosecution.

Have Sinn Fein been wearing blinkers since they started doing shady behind closed doors deals with the devil?

Every agreement that this former Republican party signed up to with the British has never been upheld from the British end. Sinn Fein have lived up to their end, quite literally by the dump full.

They have capitulated, surrendered and rolled over, and whats worse they have become everything that Republicanism stands against.

Personal gain, financial greed and British power never mind the cult mindset of follow the leader are all the traits of Sinn Fein.

As a pro establishment party they have failed to honestly tell their own membership exactly what is in the small print of these so called agreements.

One only has to go back to the Good Friday Agreement when the day before the vote senior figures in the cesspit of that leadership were telling certain faithful members that “we want you to vote no, make sure you vote no as we dont want a massive difference in a majority yes vote”.

It is very clear to anyone who is not wearing Sinn Fein glasses that their project has failed and failed miserably.

Now they are fighting, not a 32 county socialist republic, no they are fighting for the scraps of power and money that Westminster will dangle in front of their eyes, all to make sure that former Republicans are bought and paid for and kept in their box.

Yes they will shout a little and rattle their dummies a bit at the fact British criminal soldiers will be absolved from facing any type of court for crimes committed in Ireland. As with other scenarios that Sinn Fein would struggle to sell to their base, it looks good on tv to be angry. But this will soon blow over as history has shown us time and time again.

Gerry Adams can stand outside his British Prime Ministers residence at Downing Street and say how can we argue, that there is a new dispensation, when this Prime Minister is planning this!

Gerry, Republicans would tell you there was never a new dispensation!!