Call to action; #HomelessMarch Dublin 9/9/17 – Saoradh Statement

Saoradh Statement 7/9/17
In light of the tragic recent deaths of our homeless, Saoradh Community support have called a march this Saturday meeting at Apollo House 2 pm and marching to Leinster House where we will rally to demand real action be taken to tackle the homeless crisis.
Despite the recent controversy spread across our news coverage, we would like to remind people that this is a rally for all homeless affected by the negligence of state powers and we call on all those to attend who want to see an end to the homeless crisis.
Best regards,
PRO-Saoradh Ath Cliath

#HomelessMarch Dublin 9/9/17

Another homeless citizen died today, that's four this week! Support the homeless this Saturday join the #HomelessMarch from #ApolloHouse to #Leinsterhouse organised by Saoradh Community Support #HomeSweetHome #Dublin #Homeless

Posted by Saoradh – Unfinished Revolution on Wednesday, September 6, 2017