British Rule, Stormont & the ‘poverty process’ – Don’t vote! – Saoradh Nuacht

A series of posts by Saoradh,encouraging a boycott of the British elections in occupied Ireland.

Don’t vote for Stormont! Don’t vote for British rule in Ireland!
Stormont is the beachhead of British imperialism in Ireland. Stormont is designed to maintain partition, sectarianism and the artificially created northern statelet, securing undemocratic British control over the Irish nation and denying the Irish people their rights to national sovereignty and self-determination.

An Irish Republic free from British interference, can not be achieved through the undemocratic structures forced on the Irish people by violent British imperialism. The various parties currently vying for seats in the British Stormont assembly, are subservient to the British government at Whitehall, they implement British policy in Ireland by proxy.

To advance to an independent Irish Republic, Stormont must go and with it Britains illegal usurpation of Irish sovereignty. This election day do not endorse British rule in Ireland, register a strong protest against British rule by not voting.

Over 100 thousand children live in poverty, under British rule in Ireland. More people have died by suicide since the Belfast agreement than were killed during thirty years of conflict! British indirect rule via Stormont has created a wealth and inequality gap between the working class and the ‘elective aristocracy’ who milk the taxpayer funded gravy train! Working class areas in the North of Ireland are among the most deprived in western Europe, Stormont and continued British rule has exacerbated this poverty.

The strongest protest we can make against the ongoing poverty process is to try and push voter turnout below fifty percent.
Don’t vote for the British imposed poverty process this election day.

Don’t vote for the persecution of the most vulnerable in our society!. The so-called “fresh start agreement” seen local political parties, subservient to the British Tories at Westminister, introduce a raft of savage welfare cuts, while simultaneously attempting to give tax breaks and state welfare to wealthy multi-national corporations. Don’t vote for the persecution of public service workers who face destruction of their contracts, reduced wages and zero hour contracts. Don’t vote to bail out banks and wealthy corporations at the expense of the Irish people!

Don’t vote for a profit-driven housing market! A home is a human necessity, it should be a human right. But since Thatcher introduced the cynical right to buy, housing has become a source of profit for banks that laden people with a lifetime of debt and for rent racking landlords who let property at a premium to families who can not afford to buy.

The British state has for decades eroded the safety net of social housing, the housing executive is being fazed out and replaced with private for profit housing associations. How many British MP’s and MLA’s are themselves landlords? it is in the interests of these politicians to ensure that meagre housing benefit passes from the public pocket, into the private pocket, rather than creating sustainable social housing.

Almost fifty years after the civil rights movement burst onto the streets, primarily on the housing issue, conditions have come full circle, the numbers on the waiting lists are endless, it is almost impossible to secure social housing, rents are at exorbitant levels and ordinary working families can not get on the housing ladder, homelessness is rife and people are dying on the streets due to a cruel system that has housing as a market. Don’t vote for housing market poverty this election day, send a strong protest message by staying at home.


Don’t vote for the destruction of public health care! British privatisation of the health service in the occupied north of Ireland has seen closure after closure of hospitals, especially west of the Bann. The British policy of under-funding and contracting for profit to private companies has left healthcare on the point of crisis and collapse. Successive Stormont administrations despite claims to the contrary have furthered the privatisation of healthcare rather than reversing it, driving up waiting lists, pushing A&E to a breaking point, overworking doctors and nurses and cutting their pay, closing care homes for the elderly and overcrowding and under-funding GP surgeries! Don’t vote for the privatisation of health care! This election day register a strong protest by staying at home and pushing voter turnout below 50%

Don’t vote for corruption, nepotism, fraud, NAMA, Red Sky, RHI and phantom community groups!

The ‘elective aristocracy’ at Stormont have been happy to ride the public money gravy train, while the working class have suffered British imposed austerity.

The level of corruption coming to light in the renewable heating incentive alone is shocking, over 500 million has been squandered in what by all accounts looks like a ludicrous, criminal palm greasing exercise for political donors. While pensioners can’t afford to heat their homes the state has been heating Ferrari showrooms and horse solariums!

Corruption in Stormont is endemic, re-electing corrupt politicians to the corrupt institution will produce business as usual, as the politicians stick their nose’s back in the trough.

This election day send a strong protest by not voting.

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