British Intelligence Harass Republican In Derry City – Saoradh Nuacht

Saoradh at Junior McDaid House in Derry were contacted by the parent of a local Republican activist regarding what appears to be an overt approach by MI5 to gather information.

On Thursday afternoon while at work the mother of a young Republican and community activist had a missed call from a number she didn’t recognise. Having thought it was a nurse calling regarding her sick mother, she immediately returned the call. Seconds after ringing the number, a woman with a Belfast accent answered by naming the young Republicans mother and saying she wanted to speak to her regarding her son, also named him in the process. Obviously enquiring as to who the woman was, what she wanted and why she was contacting her, the mother of the Republican began to worry. Realising this, the MI5 agent encouraged her not to hang up, saying “I’m from an organisation called MI5″. The young community activists mother immediately terminated the call. Seconds later the same number attempted to call multiple times with each call being ignored.  A short period of time later a text message from the same number came through again encouraging the mother to contact them.

Hitting out at yet another attempted approach for information from MI5, Paddy Gallagher of Saoradh said; “This is becoming a worrying trend. Over the past number of years as Republicanism rebuilds itself we have had at least one attempt per month at recruiting informers by British Military Intelligence. These overt and covert recruitment attempts to try scare activists and their families will not succeed and these attempts must be met with resistance”.
Saoradh encourages anyone who faces similar tactics by shadowy British forces to contact us at Junior McDaid House and report all approaches to a solicitor immediately.

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