British Army & Crown Constabulary Raid Homes in Belfast – Saoradh Statement

Saoradh condemn the vicious raids and arrest of our members in early morning joint British Army/PSNI raids in the New Lodge and Sailortown areas of north Belfast today.

At approximately 3am, both their homes were invaded by scores of British soldiers and PSNI militiamen. Both activists has been subject to ongoing harassment by Crown Forces for a number of years now. In the case of one activist, this is his fifth raid in less than two years, with several raids resulting in his six young children trailed from their beds in the middle of the night by armed and masked men.

Commenting, Saoradh’s Dee Fennell said, “These home invasions are the direct outworkings of public appeals by senior Sinn Féin figures, including Raymond McCartney and Gerry Kelly, for Crown Forces to up the ante against Republicans.

Sinn Féin and the SDLP need to come out and explain their continuing endorsement of British Army/PSNI aggression that results in not only the attempted suppression of political expression, but also the psychological abuse of children.”

Saoradh demand the immediate release of both activists, so that they may be returned to their families and communities.


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