*BREAKING NEWS* Neil Hegarty Returned to Maghaberry

11.55 PM 7/12/17

Saoradh have been made aware of, and condemn, the actions of the British Government in revoking the licence of recently released Republican Prisoner Neil Hegarty.

Neil was only released yesterday (5th December) after five years in gaol, and had been at home with family and friends celebrating his release when armed Crown Forces arrived to return him to captivity.

Neil was removed from the house and is to be returned to Maghaberry Gaol.

This vindictive action has been quite clearly premeditated and yet another example of continuing attacks on the Republican Community by British State Agencies.

Neil Hegarty is an unashamed Irish Republican, who has been returned to captivity by a foreign government with no right to be in Ireland. He is yet another victim of Internment via revocation of licence and should be released back to his family immediately.

Saoradh will be to the fore in campaigning for Neil’s release, and should he remain unjustly incarcerated protest action will be forthcoming.


Saoradh PRO Department

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