Anti-Internment Rally, Derry City, Saturday 27th January – Saoradh Announcement

Over the course of our history, the British war machine has effectively tried to quash any and all forms of Republicanism via dirty tricks, informants, trumped-up charges and internment.

From Derry City alone we have two Irish Republicans interned, Neil Hegarty and Tony Taylor. While Tony has been held for almost 700 days, Neil has only recently been interned. Speaking about the ongoing Internment of Republican Prisoners, Saoradh Doire spokesman, Patrick Gallagher said “As we enter into 2018 many Irish people are unaware that there are still men and women languishing behind the wire of British Gaols. It’s imperative we do our utmost to both highlight and expose their plight and to assist them in any way possible.” On this anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when innocent people from our city were murdered by British soldiers while protesting for Civil Rights issues and against British Internment, we’re again protesting the same issues.

To remember the innocent victims of British state-sanctioned murder Saoradh and IRPWA Doire in conjunction with The John Brady Memorial Flute Band will be holding a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Bloody Sunday Monument at 1:45 pm on Saturday 27th January. In addition to this, we will be holding a Rally and Whiteline Picket immediately after at Free Derry Corner to highlight ongoing British Internment. We encourage all Republicans to attend.

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