Activists Occupy Dublin Building

The Summerhill Occupation in Dublin, Activists seize building of slum landlord and demand #HomesForAll 

35 Summerhill Parade. Last week it probably meant nothing to most people, now it’s mention raises the images of direct action and revolution in the midst of a housing and homeless crisis

On August 7th a number of organized groups took control of a building at 35 Summerhill Parade, which had been turned into a tenement by infamous slum landlord Pat O’Donnel. If he had his way this would be another part of the north inner city community about to fall to gentrification as former residents were left homeless. Well the people said no more, taking matters into their own hands occupying the property in a manner similar to the occupation of Apollo House.

Saoradh fully support the people and their actions. This occupation is Citizens rising against capitalism and housing provision at the mercy of criminal bankers, speculators and vulture funds. Citizen’s taking a stand and saying no longer will our homes and communities be destroyed so that the rich can further their own financial greed at our expense.

While the country is suffering a terrible homeless crisis imposed by the failed economics of neoliberalism, the state refuses to build social housing, instead subsidising private landlords, who have pushed rents to an exorbitant level forcing thousands to sleep on the streets.

Saoradh see the Summerhill occupation as the only alternative to scenes this week were children were forced to sleep in Garda stations. Housing provision has been left at the mercy of the banks, the speculators, the politicians and vulture funds for too long! The Irish people must reclaim our soverignty by reclaiming the ownership of Ireland for the People of Ireland, only comprehensive state intervention in housing provision based on need not greed will change the current housing crisis. That intervention can not happen under current EU rules or while British imperialism divides the country.

Saoradh see this occupation as a legitimate direct action and the first step in a broader struggle to overturn the corrupt system that has our children sleeping on the streets while politicians many of them landlords themselves revel in corruption. Saoradh fully support this occupation and call on everyone to do likewise.

If you want to help, contact the Summerhill Occupation Facebook page.

Help reclaim our communities #HomesForAll

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