Activists Highlight Extradition – Saoradh Nuacht

On Monday two Irish republicans will be in a free state court, threatened with extradition to a British jail in the occupied six counties.

Conditions in Maghaberry are condemned by international bodies and even the British administration have described it as a “failed prison”.

If extradited both these men will be subjected to practices that amount to torture. They will be held in “isolation”, which is a euphemism for solitary confinement. The limited time they have outside their cells will be under “controlled movement”, with three screws around them. There are numerously documented assaults on republican prisoners during “controlled movement”.

Their visits will involve intimidation and abuse of their family members. That is if the visits go ahead, as they are often cancelled for arbitrary reasons at the whim of a screw.

Republican prisoners are subjected to barbaric forced strip searches which are nothing more than an assault on the body and dignity of the victim.

Today Saoradh and Éistigi activists around Ireland took to the streets to highlight the extradition cases. Banners were placed in various high profile sites. The 26 county administration and their media are silent about their collaboration with the British. We call on everyone who believes in human rights to oppose these extraditions.


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