A New Revolutionary Ireland

Saoradh is a new revolutionary party, organised across the Irish nation. Founded in September 2016 by a significant section of Irish Republicans, Saoradh seeks to establish a united 32 county socialist republic in place of the six county British controlled statelet administered by Stormont and the British created neo colonial 26 county state administered by Leinster House. The Ownership of Ireland for the People of Ireland! Saoradh seeks to put the wealth of the Irish Nation in the hands of the Irish People. British, European Union and US Imperialism and the neoliberal capitalist system long taken what belongs to the Irish people while poverty, social deprivation and exploitation blight the current partitionist statelets. Fight Back! Saoradh aims to build campaigns to fight back against Imperialism and Capitalism empowering the Irish People in the struggle to regain our sovereignty, reunite our nation and build a new and fair society. Don’t Emigrate Agitate! Join Saoradh now and help build the republican socialist alternative to both failed states in Ireland.