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To all our Activists, Friends, Comrades and the Political Prisoners we wish you a Revolutionary 2017

Posted by Saoradh - Unfinished Revolution on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keynote speech from Davy Jordan the newly elected chairperson of the Revolutionary Irish Republican Political Party #Saoradh

Posted by Saoradh - Unfinished Revolution on Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saoradh With The People Against Gold Mining. The hills were capped in snow as we made our way off the Cookstown to Omagh road, to climb into the Co Tyrone Sperrin mountains, to the remote rural village of Greencastle. We called with activists and then made our way to the local GAA grounds and met up with over forty cars of local families, children, teenagers and parents. It was ten o'clock in the morning and the local roads were almost impassable in places, with a heavy frost covered in light snow and cloud cover that touched the fields. We traveled in convoy through Greencastle and over the mountain road, to nearby Rouskey, where the view of the iced mountain peaks down to the valley floor and river were stunning, no wonder this place is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.The mountain road was flanked with old wooden telegraph poles, which were adorned with white boards, hand painted with red slogans opposing poison mining and the Dalradian corporation, this was the only clue in this mountain wilderness that something was amiss. As Saoradh representatives, invited by local activists, we were headed with the people of the Sperrins to the goldmine at the center of the community uproar.The convoy met a crown forces checkpoint just short of our destination, on a small winding road, fit for single file traffic carved into the hillside, rather than be held up or curtailed, the residents and activists alighted from their cars, leaving them as they were and walked down the winding road through the thin PSNI lines to the gate of the Dalradian installation. We met up with other Saoradh activists who had traveled over from West Tyrone, to show their solidarity. The crowd was met at the gate by members of Dalradian, some of whom were Canadian. The backdrop to this was a tractor trailer, with a large banner saying "Save Our Sperrins" and opposing the mine. Likewise people held various sizes of placards and banners and as soon as they met the mine’s staff they began to robustly challenge them on the entire project. The crowd was invited to enter a building were Dalradian had a number of tables, manned by their ‘experts’ and staff. People quickly began to rally round certain staff and again robustly challenge them on the mining of our natural resources and the plan to use cyanide and toxic processes. Frustrated at the answers being received, a community activist called for everyone to form up outside in protest, the building emptied and the people formed up outside with their placards and began chanting slogans. It was well mannered and while robust, it was not aggressive or violent. The Media in attendance moved in for pictures and interviews, we offered a few soundbites in support of the local people, in their battle against this planned corporate theft and destruction.Some former employees took us to the mouth of the mine (which we were told goes almost a mile into the mountain) and pointed out a pipe that was running effluent from the mine, into a drain that led directly to the nearby river. One of the key concerns of residents is the pollution of the watertable and the possible poisoning of themselves and the environment.Shortly after it began, the protest ended and the people returned to their cars and cleared the blocked road. As we made our way down off the mountain, skirting it on our way back to Greencastle, we passed many Crown Force personnel vehicles and as our car entered Greencastle, we were stopped at the village crossroads by the PSNI, under the dubious auspices of the road traffic act. This legislation was quickly changed to the justice and security legislation, in order to search myself, the other occupants and the car we were in. As we were being searched, a number of cars stopped and residents and youths gathered in our solidarity, the residents asked why the PSNI were acting as security guards for Dalradian and why they had recently spent half a million in taxpayers money, oppressing the people of Greencastle and the Sperrins. The Crown Forces were startled and responded by subjecting the most vocal of those who stopped, to the justice and security stop and search themselves. The crowd grew and people demanded to know exactly what this act was and why they and other protesters were being subjected to it. To prevent anyone being dragged to the barracks, Saoradh members advised the local people to comply, outlining how to do so and the arbitrary nature of the vindictive powers. The incident exposed the lie that the Crown Forces are a community service, here they were harassing the local community for having the audacity to challenge a project, that will, if passed be a poisonous blight on their lives and the local environment. This targeting of the local community in Greencastle, is unfortunately the beginning of a corporate and state assault on them, to secure the valuable gold that lies beneath their district. Saoradh will continue to support the people of Greencastle, Gortin and Rouskey in this struggle.

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Our history is littered with the failures of successive ventures into constitutional nationalism, as they were subsumed into the very systems they set out to overthrow
Davy Jordan
Davy Jordan
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